There are a range of enjoyable activities to do in and around Queen Mary Falls Caravan & Tourist Park including hand feeding the parrots, take yourself on a twilight native animal walk, bush walking, 4-wheel driving and sightseeing.

Hand Feeding Native Birds

One of the most enjoyable activities for those young and old is the daily hand feeding of the king parrots and crimson rosellas. They are so tame they will land on your hands to feed.

Self-Guided Twilight Native Animal Walk

A very popular activity that you can do in the park at the end of the day is the twilight viewing of native animals where you are likely to see bandicoots, kangaroos and sugar gliders. You can also hand feed the friendly possums which is also a thrill.

Bush Walking

Queen Mary FallsĀ 

Bush walking is one of the many pleasurable experiences around the beautiful Queen Mary Falls. Once named Upper Daggs Falls, Queen Mary Falls are a beautiful sheer 40 meter drop of spring water flowing all year round, surrounded by bush orchids, native ferns, and flowers that show their beauty in the springtime.

The walk takes you down to the foot of the falls where you find absolute peace and tranquility. Queen Mary Falls are actually the top tier of three waterfalls situated in the mountains behind the small town of Killarney.

It was once said by the locals that Queen Mary Falls were actually named after Queen Mary herself, who as a child traveled on horseback to see these magnificent waterfalls. The proof of this story is still hanging in the balance, as royal visits to this area at the time is a little hard to prove.

Browns Falls
Browns Falls and Daggs Falls are at the bottom of the range leading up to Queen Mary Falls. Browns Falls are also very beautiful. There is a 20 minute walk in from the road near Browns Falls picnic area which is well worth the walk. A short adventure along the creek, a little rock hopping, and you feel as if you are in an unknown wilderness.

Daggs FallsĀ 
Daggs Falls can be seen from a platform lookout about 3km below Queen Mary Falls, and are just as spectacular as Queen Mary Falls.

4-Wheel Driving

If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle then the Condamine River Road with 14 creek crossings is a lovely way to see some dramatic scenery and experience our diverse range of flora and fauna. If you’re really lucky you may even see our resident platypus family.

Sight Seeing

A short drive takes you through a beautiful flora and fauna reserve to Carrs Lookout to capture the beautiful views of the head valley with Mt Superbus, Mt Wilson and Mt Barney in the background. A little further on are the Moss Gardens, showing trees draped with different types of moss, and rocks covered in what looks a lot like green velvet, and quite often surrounded by a gentle mountain mist.

An abundance of native birds frequent the gorge and the surrounding bushland. The Australian King Parrots and Crimson Rosellas can be hand fed at the caravan park.