Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park

Mark & Louise welcome you to their family run Caravan Park

Spring Creek Road, Killarney, QLD 4373

Phone: (07) 4664 7151

Fax: (07) 4664 7122

If you have any questions please send us an email using the form below.



    Option one – if towing anything and coming from Brisbane or the Gold Coast

    This is the only way to come to our park if you are towing anything via the Cunningham Highway and Cunningham’s Gap. Just past the top of “the gap” there is a Mobile Service Station on the left, approx. 21km past that you will see a brown tourist sign saying Freestone Road, Freestone Queen Mary Falls to the left.

    Option two – if not towing and coming from Brisbane or the Gold Coast

    The other way if not towing anything is via Boonah. This road does take you up a very steep, narrow and winding road that is all bitumen. Although a very slow drive it’s very beautiful.

    At Boonah’s roundabout take the Boonah-Rathdowney Road, follow for approx 15km, then right into Carney’s Creek Road follow for approx 15km, then right into The Head Road, or The Falls Drive you will start the climb up the two mountains approx 10km on, veer left into Spring Creek Road at the top of the first mountain, climb the 2nd mountain and at the top is Carr’s Lookout, follow for a further 8km and we are on the left hand side.

    It takes approx 1 hour from Boonah to us.

    Also keep an eye out for Queen Mary Falls signs

    Option three, towing or not – if coming from Warwick

    Turn at the Killarney sign, off the New England Highway on the Stanthorpe/ southern side of Warwick, this is the Killarney Road, follow all the way approx 30km to Killarney then follow all the signs to Queen Mary Falls and then as above in Option one**.


    28 degree  20.556 South
    152 degree  22.266 East

    Spring Creek Road Darling Downs ………is not us.